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Yet another Wireless-Vista Question



I have an Averatec 6240, with an internal Ralink wireless adapter. (Why? Good
Question... :P)

I did an upgrade to Vista x486 from XP, and had many other problems, but
internet connectivity and networking was not one of them. I knew this was
likely driver and software related.

Sick of problems - so I did a clean install, this time with the x64
version, build 5384 (The 6240 has a AMD64). Looks and runs great thus far,
except the following...

Now, after downloading the 64bit bersion of the wireless driver from
http://www.ralink.com.tw/supp-1.htm and reinstalling to support the card -
nothing happens. No connectivity, and no card or network detected. The driver
supports Win9x/2K/XP/x64. I know it does not say Vista....

Thoughts? Short of ending the grand experiment?

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