How to Change Adobe Illustrator Start Up Splash Screen

Hello folks,

Today I will be showing you how to change the splash screen of Adobe Illustrator CS5. It's a lot easier than changing the Photoshop CS5 one because that splash is embedded in a .dll file. This is just a standalone picture.

warning   Warning
Make sure any Adobe program is closed before doing this

The splash screens are saved in:

%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Support Files\Contents\Windows

Where %PROGRAMFILES% is the directory of your program files.

You will see 4 picture files in this folder as shown in the picture below:

These files correspond to the following splash screens:

The image we need to replace is different depending on which version of Adobe Illustrator CS5 you have - personal, educational, trial etc.

To determine which version you have, start Adobe Illustrator CS5 and observe which image is shown. Then match this to the pictures above and read the file name above the picture in that image. This is the image we need to replace.

Note   Note
I will add a bit showing me making a custom splash screen when I have a bit more time

warning   Warning
Your image needs to be the following size for this to work: 547*345. If you fail to make it this size, then no splash screen will be displayed.

Say you're using the personal version (paid), you will need to call your custom image AI_Splash and save it as a .png file.

Now go to the directory of the splash screens, create a folder called Backup and move the splash screen you want to replace into this folder (in case something goes wrong). Now copy and paste your new splash screen into the original folder:

%PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Support Files\Contents\Windows

Then open Illustrator and your new splash screen should be there