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"Open File Location" - Add or Remove from Context Menu in Vista

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How to Add or Remove "Open File Location" and "Open Folder Location" from the Context Menu in Vista

This will show you how to add or remove "Open File Location" and "Open Folder Location" from the context menu for all users in Vista.

This is when you right click on a shortcut of a file or folder.

You must be logged in as an administrator to be able to do the steps in this tutorial.

EXAMPLE: "Open File Location" and "Open Folder Location" in Context Menu

Here's How:
1. To Add "Open...

Start Menu - Backup and Restore Pinned Items in Vista

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How to Backup and Restore Pinned Start Menu Items in Vista

This will show you how to backup and restore your pinned Start Menu items automatically with one click in Vista.

This can be handy if you do not want to have to manually pin and restore your currently pinned Start Menu items say after a clean install of Vista.

By default, your pinned Start Menu programs/shortcuts are saved in the registry location below. This is what this tutorial will be backing up and restoring for you using a...

Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable

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How to Disable Auto Arrange in Vista Windows Explorer to have Free Sorting

In Vista, auto arrange is enabled by default so that all file and folder names in Windows Explorer are sorted alphabetically no matter what folder view you used.

This will show you how to disable or re-enable Auto Arrange in Vista to be able to sort your files and folders in any random order and position you like in Windows Explorer without it having to be sorted alphabetically by name. Vista will also remember...

Run as Administrator - Add or Remove from Context Menu in Vista

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How to Add or Remove "Run as Administrator" from Context Menu in Vista

This will show you how to either remove or restore Run as administrator from the context menu of the default BAT, CMD, CPL, EXE, and MSC application files for all users in Vista.

You must be logged in as an administrator to be able to do the steps in this tutorial.

EXAMPLE: "Run as administrator" in Context Menu of Application Files

Here's How:
1. To Restore "Run as administrator" to the Context Menu
NOTE: This is...

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Vista Forums

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How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Vista Forums

This tutorial will show you how to upload, attach, and post a screenshot, image, or a file in your post here at Vista Forums.

Option One: To Insert Image into Post
Option Two: To Attach Files to Post

option1To Insert Image into Post
1. Do step 2 or step 3 below for how you want to insert an image into your post.

option1s22. Drag and drop the image from your computer to where you want into your post, and go to step 8...

Select all - Add to Context Menu in Vista

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How to Add "Select all" to Context Menu in Vista

By default in Vista, you have to either click on Edit (Menu bar) and Select all or press CTRL+A to select all items in a Windows Explorer window.

This will show you how to add Select all to the context menu of the desktop and blank area in a folder window for all users to be able to easily select all items in a Windows Explorer window in Vista.

While you must be logged in as an administrator to add or remove the context menu, all users will...

Pin to Start Menu Missing from Context Menu Fix

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How to Restore Missing "Pin to Start Menu" Context Menu Item in Vista Shortcuts

If you have the Pin to Start Menu option missing from the context menu of shortcuts in Vista, then this will show you how to restore them.This is usually caused by trying to remove the shortcut overlay arrow icon using the improper XP method of deleting the IsShortcut string value from the HKEY_CLASSES\ROOT\inkfile key in the registry instead of using the proper Vista method.

EXAMPLE: "Pin to Start Menu"...

DPI Scaling - Add or Remove from Desktop Context Menu

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How to Add or Remove "DPI Scaling" from Desktop Context Menu in Vista

This will show you how to add DPI Scaling to the desktop context menu in Vista to make it easier to adjust font size.

By default in Vista, DPI Scaling is not added to the desktop context menu.


EXAMPLE: Desktop Context Menu

Here's How:
1. To Add "DPI Scaling" to Desktop Context Menu

A) Click on the Download button below to download the file below.


Windows Explorer - Add or Remove Delete Button

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How to Add a Delete Button to the Vista Windows Explorer Toolbar

By default Vista does not have a Delete button on the Windows Explorer toolbar.

This will show you how to add or remove a Delete button to the Vista Explorer toolbar. If added, the Delete button will be available for all files and folders with the All Items, Contacts, Pictures and Videos, Documents, and Music folder templates in Windows Explorer. When you select one or more files or folders and click on the Delete button on...

Extract Files from Vista Installation DVD

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How to Extract Files from the Vista Installation DVD

This will show you how to extract original files from the retail Vista installation DVD. You can then use these extracted files to replace missing or corrupted system files in your current Vista installation.Normally you will find out that you have corrupted system files that cannot be repaired after your run a sfc /scannow command and look at it's log report.

Here's How:
1. Download and install the same free 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)...

Folder Icon - Change Vista Default Folder Icon

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How to Change the Vista Default Folder Icon

This will show you how to change all of the default yellow folder icons in Windows Explorer to any custom icon that you want instead in Vista.

User Folder icons will not be affected by this.If you have thumbnails turned on, then only empty folders will have the new icon displayed in Windows Explorer when the folder view is set to anything other than Small icons, Details, or List. Otherwise the folders will have a thumbnail preview icon when the...

Custom Install Vista

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How to Do a Custom Installation of Vista

This will show you how to do custom installation to have a clean install of Vista without formating the current Windows installation to have this previous Windows backed up to the Windows.old folder during the installation of Vista. This will replace your currently installed Windows installation with Vista.

The C:\Windows.old folder contains all of the folders and files that were in the previous installation of Microsoft Windows.MINIMUM SYSTEM...

Windows.old Folder - Delete

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How to Delete the Windows.old Folder in Vista

If you performed a custom installation (not a upgrade installation), without formatting the drive for a clean install, and selected to install Vista on the same partition of the previous Windows installation, then this will show you how to delete the Windows.old folder generated during installation.

The C:\Windows.old folder contains folders and files from the previous Windows installation.For how to restore a computer to a previous Windows...

Default File Type Associations - Restore

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Restore Default Vista File Extension Type Associations

This will allow you to restore the default registry entries and program associations for the Vista file extension type of your choice.

This can be helpful for example when a file extension type opens with the wrong program by default, has the wrong icon, or is missing or corrupted in the registry. Downloading the .reg file for the selected file extension in the tutorial below, will restore that file extension back to default for all of...

SP2 Prerelease Version - Uninstall

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How to Uninstall the Vista SP2 Prerelease Evaluation Version
The prerelease version of SP2 is time-limited software. If you installed a Vista SP2 prelease version, then you cannot install the final Vista SP2 version until you have uninstalled the prelease version of the service pack. This will show you how to uninstall the Vista SP2 prerelease. For more information on this, see: Information about Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and for Windows Server 2008

This prerelease version of the...

SP2 Disk Cleanup Tool

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How to Use the Vista SP2 Disk Cleanup Tool

This will show you how to run the Vista SP2 Cleanup tool to permanently remove the Vista RTM and SP1 backed up files created during the installion of the Vista SP2 to gain more hard drive space.Running the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Disk Clean-up tool permanently removes the ability to uninstall the Vista SP1 and SP2. Do not run this tool unless you have no plans of uninstalling the Vista SP1 or SP2 and just want to save or regain hard drive...

Convert FAT or FAT32 Volume to NTFS

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How to Convert a FAT or FAT32 Volume to NTFS in Vista

This will show you how to convert a drive or partition volume with a FAT (FAT16) or FAT32 file system to a NTFS file system in Vista without having to format the volume and lose your data on it.Before you start to convert a FAT or FAT32 volume to NTFS, please consider the following limitations and requirements:

UDF and CDfs file systems are only used with optical media and cannot be converted to NTFS.
FAT12 is the only format used on...

Task Manager - Create Elevated Shortcut

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How to Create a Elevated Vista Task Manager Shortcut

This will show you how to create a elevated Task Manager shortcut that will run as an administrator in Vista when opened. It will open as if you clicked Show processes from all users in the default Task Manager.
EXAMPLE: Default Task Manager and Elevated Task Manager

Here's How:
1. Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on New and Shortcut.

2. Copy and Paste the location below, and click on the Next button. (See...

Internet Explorer Accelerator Button - Turn On or Off

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Turn On or Off IE8 and IE9 Display Accelerator Button on Selection
This will show you how to have the Accelerator button to display or not display when text is selected or highlighted in IE8 and IE9. By default this is set to display.
EXAMPLE: Display Accelerator button on selection ON
NOTE: When turned on, you can click on the accelerator blue arrow button displayed when selecting text in Internet Explorer to see and select from any enabled accelerator add-on.

EXAMPLE: Display Accelerator...

Dual Boot Installation with Windows Vista and XP

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How to Setup a Dual Boot Installation with Windows Vista and XP

This will show you how to install Windows Vista and XP to dual boot with when you already have either Windows Vista or XP installed first.With a dual boot installaton, you will have two operating systems (OS) installed. When you start the computer, you will have the choice to choose which OS you would like to start up to. This method is the easiest way of doing a dual boot with these two operating systems.To stop XP from...