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> | So what process do you use to get the HSX files you are interested in?
> I
> | suppose you could have a test computer with an OS that can easily be
> | reimaged, and install a SDK, search for the HSXs of interest, convert
> those
> | to CHMs, and then save them for later use. Or do you use MSI to extract
> the
> | files of interest from the SDK installation package?
> |
> I try to never install anything I don't have to,
> in order to avoid system changes. And there's
> really no reason to "install" docs.
> If necessary I unpack an MSI. With the link I
> provided to the Server 2003 SDK there are 2
> options. The download is an ISO that ends up
> being 3 MSIs (32- and 64-bit options) plus a
> pile of CABs. The CABs have clear names. One
> can just extract the CABs with "DOC" in the name.
> The second, easier option is to use an unpacker:
> http://www.jsware.net/jsware/msicode.php5
> Copy the appropriate MSI and CABs from the CD
> to a folder on disk. Drop the MSI onto the unpacker
> script. The script will unpack the whole thing to a
> folder hierarchy that mimics what would happen if
> it were actually installed. The HXS and HXI files are
> then easy to find. They're all extracted to the path:
> ProgramFilesFolder\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2\Help\
> That folder can then just be dropped onto the
> converter script to get CHMs.
> I've been looking into writing another script to
> create a "help collection". People who have MSDN 2001
> or earlier installed can read the whole MSDN set
> of SDK docs with a single index. That's a collection,
> comprising a large number of "merged" CHMs.
> Theoretically one can have multiple collections
> by using a .COL file for each collection and registering
> each collection in a file called hhcolreg.dat.
> Unfortunately, there seems to be no official
> documentation for this at all. I can only find snippets
> of info. and I don't seem to be finding the whole story.
> I *think* I should be able to create a .COL file that,
> when clicked, would open the entire Server 2003 SDK
> (or any other selected collection of CHMs) in the MSDN
> library viewer, with a single, merged index. That would
> mean that people using VS 5/6 with the CHM help system
> could update their docs past 2001. (2001 was the last
> MSDN version that was CHM.) But so far my experiments
> just result in MSDN not working at all.
> If anyone has thorough info. about how all of that
> works I'd be interested to know. I have details about
> how to write the two files. It's just not working so far.
Thanks for all that info. I will try to remember to run through the process
when I get home in a few weeks.

-Paul Randall