It appears that the problem involves stn files (a compressed image
format) and maybe MS indexing. And if I exclude stn files from
indexing and then go back in to that window, it is checked again to be
included in indexing. Can't find a way to get indexing to exclude
these files.

If I do the same steps using just the tiff files on the CD I have no

On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 09:16:37 -0400, wrote:

>If I copy files from a CD to a folder and then copy that folder to
>another hard drive Windows Explorer hangs and doesn't copy the files,
>or just a few of them.
>If I reboot and then copy the folder it works fine. My hard drives
>are all SATA. The CD's contain photo files, aprox. 600 megs on
>average, up to 25 files or so.
>Any ideas how to fix this?