Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?

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    hifismith Guest

    Re: Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?

    Viper71;4419522 Wrote:

    > ...But do I understand correctly that you solved the .doc issue with
    > this symantec patch? (that is, not being able to open .doc files from
    > explorer with spaces in the path?)
    I've been living with this problem for at least 6 months and now I'm
    starting to doubt that it was ever a problem with Word. I'm almost
    certain it was. I am able to open any Word file in any location. Other
    files (*.pdf, *.txt, *.html, etc) never had a problem. Still no love
    for excel, I assumed the problem was with the Office install.

    I did do a repair of Office a couple weeks ago, which took about 30
    minutes. It didn't help. Thanks for your help. Is it worth doing a
    complete uninstall and reinstall? I don't know how helpful that would
    be since some file would remain in place (like my Outlook *.pst files)
    and I assume some registry entries.

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    presmmbb Guest

    Re: Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?

    Hey all,

    The problem is caused by the MS Outlook Business Contact Manager plugin
    for word.

    Open Registry (start - Run - "regedit") browse to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins and (make sure
    to backup the key before deleting) delete the
    "BcmHistoryAddin.BcmConnect" folder. (aka "FriendlyName"="Business
    Contact Manager for Outlook").

    This fixed the problem for me. (Verified by adding the key back to the
    reg and the problem came back, deleted again and the problem went

    Good luck!

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    Re: Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?

    I had the same issues. I finally reformatted my hard drive, for the third time since December 2008.

    HOWEVER, I tried this software that promised to fix my issues "Windows can't find file fix" and it did NOTHING - the error messages were exactly the same after installing the software, then before installing the software.

    The company PROMISES your money back, if the software doesn't work - but the company, Security Stronghold, is intent on keeping their fee - no matter that I am NOT using their software, it is NOT installed on my computer and I am obvioulsy unhappy with their program and services.

    I sent them a message immediately after realizing the software did not work, and after a week, and my 3rd request for a refund, they responded. By then, I had installed the "Free" True Sword software, hoping it might fix my issue, and all it did was screw up my SQL Server. THAT led me to reformatting my hard drive...

    Needless to say, because I didn't get their permission to remove their software - I am not entitle to a refund.

    The point of this story is, stick with Microsoft. They will have a fix for their issues eventually - you just have to find it. Third party companies promising to be "experts" in Microsoft errors are sometimes just scams, like Security Stronghold.
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  4.    10 Sep 2009 #44
    Ashok Mangalore Guest

    Re: Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?


    Please find the solution for the following defect in office 2007 with
    Vista OS. (Either Word/Excel/Outlook)

    Issue: Windows cannot find 'C:\file path...\file name.xlsx'. Make sure
    you typed the name correctly and then try again.
    Cause: Excel files stopped being open when I double-click the file.
    1. Open Excel
    2. Click on Excel Office Button which is at top-left most corner in
    Vista/Office 2007
    3. Click on Excel Options Button which is at right-down corner in the
    popup window
    4. Click on Advanced option which is at left selection panel
    5. Find the General details which at the right side view
    6. Unselect the checkbox (If it is selected) - Ignore other application
    that use the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
    6. Click on close

    Hopes it might keeps you smile.

    Ashok Mangalore.
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  5.    14 May 2010 #45
    OyBouTJ Guest

    RE: Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?

    Thank you! This exactly fixes my problem. This whole "Windows cannot find
    file..." keeps recurring whenever my Windows receives updates, and so I have
    had to do this a couple of times.

    "cvanp" wrote:

    > The following article has helped me resolve the issue:
    > "mlsoup" wrote:

    > > I get the error message when double clicing on misc documents within my
    > > folders that says "windows cannot find the specified file, please make sure
    > > that you have typed the name correctly and please try again." I can open up
    > > any document from within the application itself by going to file/open finding
    > > the file and opening it that way.
    > >
    > > It is extremely random though. It only happens on some of the files. It
    > > happens on older version files (office 2003) and newer version files created
    > > (2007). I can right mouse click the file and specify open with and open the
    > > file with the program that it needs to run it but this is random as well.
    > >
    > > I have reinstalled Vista (brand new) pc for the second time trying to fix
    > > this problem and it will not go away. It is driving me crazy!
    > >
    > > I have looked all over the web and these dicussions and nobody has ever a
    > > succesful fix for this problem. I am not alone......
    > >
    > > I have also unstalled and reinstalled Office 2007 three times. Also
    > > performed repair function. Activation codes all gone now..... I have tried
    > > everything that I have read in previous threads to no avail.
    > > --
    > > Thank you,
    > > Matt Campbell
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Windows cannot find file when clicking on file?

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