I'm running Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire T180 desktop, with 2 GB of
RAM, and 256 MB of VRAM. Plenty of hard disk space. Computer is running fine
but latest install of Google Earth hangs during loading. Google says it's
`loading myplaces.kml, including enabled overlays' and stays that way. Then
my system says `Google is not responding' and I have to force it off.
I've tried the following: 1) starting in Open GL mode; 2) installing latest
video driver from WU; 3) starting in Direct X mode; 4) changed video
resolution settings; 5) cleaning out temp files; Nothing works. In fact,
after the video driver install (which installed successfully), the images on
this website started to jitter, so I uninstalled the video driver update
using Restore, fixing that problem.
I should say that right after the initial Earth install the program worked
exactly once. The next time it hung up again on loading. A year ago, the same
hang thing happened with Earth 2007, except Google didn't display anything.
Back then I only had 1 GB of RAM.
Can anyone help?................Paul C.