Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

  1.    24 Jun 2007 #1
    T&V Seitz Guest

    Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    Vista will go into sleep mode Ok, and initially I was able to get it to
    recover from sleep mode properly. Then I added an additional gig of ram,
    for a total of 2. I have an Acer ase 380 PC. After adding the ram, the PC
    will no longer recover from sleep, neither mouse nor video comes back on.

    Any ideas would be appreciated

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  2.    25 Jun 2007 #2
    John Hanley Guest

    Re: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    I am also having similar problems with Vista sleep. I bought the HP
    Pavilion computer on May 25, and sleep worked until June 13, not aware what
    might have changed. Mine will not wake up properly either; the screen is
    dark, and the keyboard and mouse inoperative. It will (after a few minutes)
    give the BSOD, then reboot itself. I have unchecked and changed many things
    as suggested in various forums, but no permanent solution. I am doing
    without (i.e. not permitted it to go to sleep & turning it off totally for
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  3.    15 Aug 2007 #3
    dmrdm Guest

    RE: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    Has Microsoft come up with a solution for this yet? Shutting down everytime
    I leave the computer just isn't realistic with the number of times I get on
    and off of it. The manufacturer has not been any help yet.

    Someone told me that they had the same problems and replaced their power
    source and now it works fine. My manufacturer has not recommended that yet.
    None of the tech people we talked about seemed to have heard about the
    problem even though there are hundreds of threads on the internet about it.

    (new computer with Vista)

    "T&V Seitz" wrote:

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  4.    25 Aug 2007 #4
    Phillip Schulte Guest

    RE: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    I have an HP and its giving me the same problem...I am tired of turning my
    computer off and on to get it out of sleep mode. I hope Microsoft fixes this
    problem soon. I will continue to search the internet to see if anybody else
    has been able to resolve this problem.
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  5.    25 Aug 2007 #5
    Phillip Schulte Guest

    RE: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    I found a way to fix the problem, go to the link below...I hope this helps
    everyone else.
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  6.    14 Sep 2007 #6
    Join Date : Sep 2007
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    Re: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    Hello Phillip,

    The URL you referenced is no longer valid. Would you be able to post your solution?


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  7.    14 Sep 2007 #7
    Phillip Schulte Guest

    Re: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    Hi Ian,
    I copied this from the below link. I hope this helps you...If not, you might
    have to turn off sleep mode altogether.

    Good Luck,

    A Windows Vista-based computer does not resume from sleep mode if you move
    or click a USB mouse as the computer is entering sleep mode
    View products that this article applies to.
    Article ID : 930091
    Last Review : March 15, 2007
    Revision : 1.4
    Consider the following scenario. You have a universal serial bus (USB) mouse
    connected to a Windows Vista-based computer. You move or click the mouse as
    the computer is entering sleep mode. Then, after the computer has entered
    sleep mode, you try to resume the computer by using the mouse or by pressing
    a key on the keyboard. In this scenario, the computer stops responding
    (hangs) at a black screen.
    Back to the top

    This issue occurs because some USB mouse devices do not work correctly with
    sleep mode in Windows Vista.
    Back to the top
    To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, type device in the Start Search box, and then click Device
    Manager in the Programs list.
    2. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.
    3. In Device Manager, expand Mice and other pointing devices.
    4. Right-click the USB mouse, and then click Properties.
    5. Click the Power Management tab.
    6. Click to clear the Allow this device to wake the computer check box, and
    then click OK.
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  8.    31 Oct 2007 #8
    Jackie L Guest

    Re: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    I have a new HP computer and when I got it last week, it wouldn't wake up. I
    called HP support (I wish they could speak English!) and eventually they gave
    me this link:

    I put that in my browser and it executed something. Waking up sleep mode
    worked better for nearly a week (only had to reboot after all night), but now
    it fails every time again. Any more ideas?

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  9.    26 Nov 2007 #9
    Join Date : Nov 2007
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    Re: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    I have exactly the same problem as John Hanley T V Seitz with a compaq presario C714NR, After i upgraded the RAM from 1 GB to 2GB, sleep mode doesn't revive and sometimes does an awkward improper shutdown. HP customer support suggested that i need more compatible (MORE $$$$$ RAM) to solve the problem..and they're just being annoying without understanding the problem. I hope one of you guys come up with a solution. Philip and Jackie,,,the problem u're addressing is for encountering this problem when u're using a USB mouse. Not the original issue posted
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  10.    18 Jan 2008 #10
    frustrated Guest

    RE: Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

    I have a similar problem. When my PC goes into sleep mode it disables the
    keyboard and mouse so I have no way to get it out of sleep mode. A hard
    reboot wakes it up, but this is not healthy operation. I have run all updates
    but no progress on this issue. Any suggestions?
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Vista will not wake up from sleep mode

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