That is very, very similar wording as i remember, but it was on (checked) by
default and i 'un'checked it and i feel sure it was connected to internet

Glad someone else seen this i'm beginning to loose my marbles )

"Jane C" <> wrote in message
> Hi Jethro,
> Perhaps you are referring to the Customer Experience Improvement Program?
> To access settings for CEIP, open Control Panel, Problem Reports and
> Solutions. The link to CEIP settings is on the left at the bottom.
> --
> Jane, not plain 64 bit enabled :-)
> Batteries not included. Braincell on vacation ;-)
> "JethroUK©" <reply@the.board> wrote in message
> news:51tvi.12994$
>> only today i seen somewhere (i/explorer>tools>options maybe?) that
>> Microsoft monitors/reports your internet activity by default unless you
>> 'un'check this option - which i did
>> Haven't been able to find this option since - does anyon else now where
>> it lives?