Last year I bought a Gigabyte SINXP1394 mobo with a Apollo Geforce FX 5500
GPU. I have problems locating drivers for the embedded 3112 Silicon Image
SATA controller.
According to Silicon Image this is a OEM product where Mobo manufacturers
are responsible for driver development.
I have a written statement of Gigabyte stating that:,, We will wait until
the final release of Vista with driver development and let it depend on
market demand whether we will start developing a driver. for the SIL 3112 on
the SINXP1394 mobo.
Of course that is an effective way of letting people throw away their mobo.
Has anyone experience with ASUS, ABIT or other mobo manufacturers concerning
the 3x12 series of Silicon Image sata controllers in their embedded form and
drivers for Vista?
I talked with the largest Dutch consumer organisation and according to them
Gigabyte won't get away with this support policy
Kind regards,
Tony Thijs