On Apr 28, 11:35 pm, "Farhan Ahmed [MSFT]" <farha...@microsoft.com> wrote:
> For the LED not going off case, there was an intentional behavioral
> change from XP to Vista, where the USB bus driver does not turn off
> the hub port to which the device is attached when the device is "soft
> removed" i.e. it is still plugged in physically.

Is there an article on microsoft.com that describes this behavior and/or the reasoning behind this change? I remember reading one before, but when asked by others have been unable to find it in search. This is a rather huge behavior change to be so lightly mentioned in documentation. For years, users expected their devices to power off, now that has changed with little or no fan fare. I'd love to have a link to pass to the many people who have asked me about this.

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