There's a cheat.... download the beta Vista drivers from (I
learned this from my ancient 2805-S402 notebook in the XP beta days).

Expand the file... we know it will tell you for some unknown reason that the
O/S you are using isn't Vista... heavens knows why. Well, I guess nVidia do
but they're not telling.

Go into Device Manager. Click on Standard VGA Adapter, then Properties,
just as if it said GeForceGo.... click on Browse My Computer.... then Let me
pick from a List... then with Standard VGA Adapter selected.... point it to
the Inf file in the x:\NVIDIA\WinVista\100.59 file that you downloaded and
expanded from the nVidia website... and it will actually install correctly.
I have the 9312 and told it I had a 7900 GS.... true apart from the fact
it's a Go chipset but it now behaves and displays correctly.

If you select Show All Devices and accidentally select the words GeForceGo
under Standard VGA Adapter, then you'll get the XP drivers that you had
before the Upgrade... and although most things will work, IE7 will refuse to
open! Which isn't very useful for when Toshiba finally get around to
writing drivers for us P105 users.

Cari (MS-MVP)
Windows Technologies - Printing & Imaging

"dopperman" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Drivers are not even at the nVidia site, and I checked the Toshiba site
> too
> - nothing there.
> The only Toshiba post for drivers is a BIOS update. No graphics driver
> updates!!
> Don
> "Cari (MS-MVP)" wrote:
>> Drivers are at the Toshiba website.
>> --
>> Cari (MS-MVP)
>> Windows Technologies - Printing & Imaging
>> "dopperman" <> wrote in message
>> > My Toshiba Satellite Pro P105-S9722 nVidia GeForce Go760 video card
>> > does
>> > NOT
>> > appear to be supported by VISTA. I bought the laptop late last year
>> > (Nov.)
>> > and it indicated it would support VISTA on the label and a free upgrade
>> > would
>> > be possible if I bought it then.
>> >
>> > I purchased Windows Vista Home Professional version and upgraded the
>> > Laptop
>> > from Scratch from Windows XP Professional. It has not recognized a
>> > number
>> > of
>> > things including the display adapter and the sound card/drivers.
>> >
>> > HELP!!