Looking for any way to default thwhatever tables builder has created. I
bought a soundblaster X-Fi gamer card and it was working ok except that it
would just stop. If I changed modes it came back for a while. About 10 days
ago the audio services failed to start and when I try to start the service I

Error 0x80070002: The system cannot find the file specified.

If I look in the event log there is no record of which file it is looking
for. I have uninstalled the creative drivers, removed the card and re enabled
the onboard sound. Then reversed that and reinstalled the creative drivers
but no change.

I see PlugPlay is a dependency and I'm pretty sure plugPlay has created a
list of devices and somehow an audio driver is missing.

Where can I see the table of PP detected devices, how can I clear plugplay
or the endpoint builder info.

Right now, No matter what I do I have no sound.