Microsoft ISATAP adapter

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    Harry Sherman Guest

    Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    In Device Manager, under Network Adapters I find a new entry called
    "Microsoft ISATAP Adapter".The yellow explanation mark indicating a problem
    is present. Status shows "Windows is unable to install this driver".
    Search for a better driver on-line returns "Driver up to date" and "Best
    driver is already installed".
    I have not installed any new programs lately, but did install an updated
    driver for my Rhine II network driver through Microsoft Update, but this
    shows OK. Disabling ISATAP driver does not seem to make any difference to
    my home network connections.
    System: VIA PM-800 MB; Dual boot XP and Vista on separate drives; Vista
    Build 5600.
    Home Network with two computers (One Vista, the other ME)
    Can anyone tell me what this driver is for, and how it may have been

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  2.    31 Dec 2006 #2
    Jeff Guest

    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    Here ya go,

    The Internet/Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)
    connects IPv6 hosts/routers over IPv4 networks. ISATAP views the IPv4
    network as a link layer for IPv6 and views other nodes on the network
    as potential IPv6 hosts/routers. ISATAP supports automatic tunneling
    and a tunnel interface management abstraction similar to the Non-
    Broadcast, Multiple Access (NBMA) and ATM Permanent/Switched Virtual
    Circuit (PVC/SVC) models.
    Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2004). All Rights Reserved.

    Basically it's installed with the os.

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  3.    31 Dec 2006 #3
    Jeff Guest

    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter


    IPv6 is on in Vista by default-you can turn it off though .

    Go here,

    Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

    right click your network card>properties
    uncheck the IPv6 box
    that'll turn off IPv6-then just disable the adapter driver

    That's if it's causing you issues,

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  4.    01 Jan 2007 #4
    Harry Sherman Guest

    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    Thanks, Jeff. I followed your suggestions but after unchecking IPv6, both
    IE and Mail got a little flaky (random errors and slow connections) so I
    re-enabled it. I even went so far as to delete ISATAP driver, but Windows
    recreated it on next boot with same error. Guess there is no way to fix
    it...will have to live with it on this beta.
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    vista home premium 32bit
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    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    ok so i turn on my computer and i have had it for ayear or so and all of a sudden I have an ISATAP adapter#3 installed which i found wierd because i never did anything to my computer.
    Could someone please explain to me in somewhat simple terms what the hell it is?
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    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    When i googled isatap this thread link is right up there in the 1-10 choices. Why would it matter if it is 372 days old it is still a valid subject that I ran into today and need to research. The problem is it still hasn't been completely answered in this forum because there is no solution mentioned for the exclamation points on isatap so I will have to keep looking.
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    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    Hey everyone. This is my first post, as i have had to join the forum to get desperate help for this very annoying problem.

    I can no longer connect to my Internet browser or my wireless hub through my Sony Vaio's WiFi. I had a yellow exclamation mark appear over my internet icon in the bottom right of my screen a couple days ago and have since not been able to get online wirelessly. It says i have "Limited Connectivity" yet i have full signal.

    I have a strong hunch that since my computer installed a mandatory Windows Update, the next time i came on my computer after this update, this problem occured. I have looked in my devices and everything says its got the most up to date driver Windows can find, but i still have this problem, and the yellow exclamation mark and no wireless access remains.

    I need any help, it will be much appreciated

    EDIT: When i went on the Microsoft ISATAP adapter that appeared the problem, i got the Code 31 thing come up too. What the hell has this Windows Update done to me?
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  8.    13 Jun 2009 #8
    Malke Guest

    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    It sounds like you installed a driver for your wireless network adapter from
    Windows Update (always a bad idea). Try rolling it back to drivers that
    work or, if that doesn't solve the issue, uninstall/reinstall the wireless
    adapter drivers. Get them from Sony's tech support website for your
    specific model laptop.

    Roll Back Troublesome Device Drivers in Windows Vista from the How-To Geek -

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    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    Thanks mate, i will give it a try!
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    Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    I've seen this many times on both Vista and XP. Just delete the profile Windows has for your wifi and reconnect. On Vista go to Network & Sharing / Manage Wireless Networks, click on "your" wifi and then click Remove. When you reconnect you'll have to authenticate again but it should be fine afterwards.

    Sorry for the thread hijack
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Microsoft ISATAP adapter

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