Like so many thousands of others, my Vista version performs slowly when
downloading e-mail attachments, or surfing the web.
I have tried removing all virus protection, disabling the firewall, clearing
cache etc.etc. ad infinitum.

The one thing that really confuses me, is that if I use g-mail, instead of
yahoo or hotmail, then the download speed is dramatically different.

I am on a DCSL connection, advertised at 100 mbits/sec and with yahoo or
hotmail achieve download speeds of only 2 to 4 kb/sec.
However, when I download attachments using gmail, the speed is between
130kb/sec, and 200 kb/sec, which is quite acceptable to me.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be, and what I can do to acheive
similar speeds when surfing or using yahoo and hotmail

Best regards