Hello there,

Got a bit of a problem, Everytime i go to update i keep getting the error code 80070005. Now as most people would say its a security problem, but mine seems a little weird.

I hav tried many fix from the net like reseting the security options, downloading SUbInAcl. and that just give's me a load of syntax errors. i even had error code 8024A000 - which after some research turned out to be the file
SoftwareDistribution not naming itself properly. changed it to say SoftwareDistribution.old. but now it keeps creating a new file every now and again called SoftwareDistribution and leave's the ammended file in the windows directory.

Other weird thing is yesterday it dowloaded an update and installed no problem but still kepted giving me 8007005.

Really have no idea whats going on but if someone can help.

I have also spoke to microsoft through their online help and sent me to the Technet forums and asked me to search thier.

i am also doing th eupdate through the Admin account. I have done the settings through DCOM and in the system security policies..... Still Nothing.

I am using Vista Ultimate x64 build 6001 with SP1 OEM.