I need a recommendation for a good book to learn asp.net.

I am a Systems Administrator for a medium-sized organization, and I need to
develop a web site for users to do account maintenance in a self-service

I am fairly experienced with programming fat client software. I have done a
lot of VB 6 programming. Additionally, I have worked with Microsoft .Net and
Visual Studio 2005, primarily writing console applications to automate
systems administration tasks.

But I have little to no web programming experience. I don't need help with
the VB or C# languages, constructs, syntax, etc. What I do need a better
understanding of is web programming. I comprehend that a web site is
essentially a series of programs, each contained in an individual aspx page.
I have created aspx pages, inserted controls, understand the difference
between server-side and client-side controls, etc.

What I don't get is how to pass data among the pages. Or, how to open a
connection to a SQL Database and keep it open throughout a session.

Any recommendations on a book for someone who is not new to programming, but
is new to web programming, would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.