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firefox CPU usage

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    firefox CPU usage

    i dont know if it's just me or if it even a problem at all, but whenever i am running firefox or any of my brousers my CPU i constantly working very very hard, sufice it to say that on reader mode it is constantly going to 11 and 15 percent levels.

    whne i play video it goes to 20 - 30 usage levels if not higher; the memory usage is also usually arround the 250.000 mark..... i don't know much about this but i would have thought that with a dual core processor and 4GB of ram my computer would be able to play online video such as youtube and google video without having to work too hard... and why is it using so much memory if its a low resolution program; it's not like im running the latest 3D games on it, i'm just surfing the internet.

    am i wrong about this things? could it be a problem with my video card?

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    Re: firefox CPU usage

    is it staying at 15 percent or peaking at 15 percent? what is it doing when no windows are open?

    can you open task manager click the processes tab and tell us exactly the process thats taking this 15 percent (check the "show all processes from all users" tab first)

    also how many running processes do you have

    one more thing if you have a dual core cpu if its showing 15 percent usage its most likely the other core is idle IE and firefox are not configured to run multiple threads.

    its most likely nothing unusual but we can find out

    what are you using to monitor your memory usage? does that suddenly shoot up when viewing streaming media?

    heres a screenie of my task manager with a few things going on , is yours comparable?

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    Re: firefox CPU usage

    Maybe it's one of your browser add-ons. Disable all for a test. If you want to test with YouTube videos, you will, however, need the Shockwave Flash Object. So leave that enabled.

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    Re: firefox CPU usage

    Firefox 3.5.3 with 15 addons, open for 4 hours with 4 tabs. 100Meg ram but cpu is lower


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firefox CPU usage
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