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How about making Vistabook

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    How about making Vistabook

    I think our forum is unique and cool how about making it a social network like Facebook or sumthin like that hehehe I wonder that must be awesome since we are "likely" at least approaching to become the best forum all over the world hihihi and let Brink The Administrator become the President or Director and named it Vistabook just my imagination, that would be awesome because we already have many Geeks and Super Brain people to accommodate for all the features inspiration

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    Re: How about making Vistabook

    Personally, I do not care for Facebook or Twitter or similar sites - they are too "chatty" for my taste - and they are not focused on a particular theme or objective (plus I've seen many people here and in other forums who were infected by using Facebook, so it is not on my list of sites to frequent or that I consider adequately safe and I would not want any of that to happen to this forum).

    This forum is here to help people with Vista - the Chillum sub-forum is just a way for us to socialize as well (intended primarily for the members and not intended to become an internet "hot spot" for worldwide socializing overwhelming everything else and the overall forum's primary objective) but we keep it tightly limited - it is a sidebar, not the focus of this forum. And I think that's the way it should stay. I wouldn't mind seeing more activity in the forum, but activity related to its purpose - not an increase in the peripheral aspects that were put here to help us socialize with each other and thus work better together at our primary mission.

    Anyway, that's just my own opinion on it FWIW. Others may be more receptive to the concept - but ultimately it is a managment decision in terms of how this forum presents itself to the internet and the world and how it wants to be perceived. Even though I've only been here since 8/31, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that. If you spend a bit more time reading the forum (I mean the sections other than Chillum), then I believe you'll understand the answer as well.

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How about making Vistabook
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