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    USB mouse stopped working after Silverlight 3.0 install on a clean Vista x64

    I need help with now a reproducible problem.
    I have 2 identical HP Pavilion dv4 laptops running Vista Home Premium x64.
    After installing Silverlight plugin on a clean machine, the USB mouse stopped working with all of my mice.
    Uninstall of Silverlight is not helping. It seems like Silverlight somehow corrupts the drivers (or maybe some other problem) that prevent the USB mouse from working.
    The touch mouse is still OK.

    I've been struggling with this for a while and spent ton of time without any progress.
    I do need to use Silverlight in my work and I have to have an external mouse.
    Please, help. This problem makes my two laptops useless. And they are fairly new (few months old).

    Thanks a lot!!
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    Re: USB mouse stopped working after Silverlight 3.0 install on a clean Vista x64


    What does Device Manager look like? Have you tried to update your mouse drivers from Device Manager? If you have, why is this not working, is there an error message? With an error message etc. as a starting block, we may be able to help you. I will continue to look into this for you, but an error message would be very helpful. Did you silverlight install go well or did it crash half way through?

    Hope your problem is fixed soon,

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    Re: USB mouse stopped working after Silverlight 3.0 install on a clean Vista x64

    you say your running 64 bit. make sure that the drivers are for 64 NOT 32
    Another thing see if you can go back to archives and install an older version of SILVERLIGHT. (old saying is if it was working that if it works don't update)
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    Re: USB mouse stopped working after Silverlight 3.0 install on a clean Vista x64

    Thank you for reply.
    The story here goes a bot longer but I tried to save you the details. So here are some more details.

    the problem started to occur in mid December when the USB mouse stopped working. I tried to reinstall drivers but it didn't help. After many experiments we narrowed it down to a particular Windows update which failed. We rolled it back and the mouse started to work again.
    I was happy we found a reason. So I disabled automatic updates and gave this laptop to my daughter to play with while I was helping her (she is 5 y.o. and the only game she had a chance to play with was Shidonni - Safe virtual world for kids redirect which requires Silverlight 3.0).

    Note, the computer was a completely clean Vista x64 reinstall, working perfectly with the USB mouse. After working on this website (which required Silverlight 3.0) for about 30 min, the problem came back and the mouse stopped working.

    This drove me nuts. After a month of struggling, paying money to sysadmins and spending a lot of time looking for a fix, I am still left with two laptops having identical problems and making the system unusable.

    I looked all over the web but I couldn't find anyone else with exactly the same problem. People complain on other USB peripherals stopped working and I wasn't sure it applied to my situation.
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    Re: USB mouse stopped working after Silverlight 3.0 install on a clean Vista x64

    I just recently experienced the same type of thing after a silverlight update. The USB mouse still works but is choppy. I did a system restore to a time just before the silverlight update was applied and now everthing is good again.


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