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Upcoming Game Releases (UK)

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    Upcoming Game Releases (UK)

    With Xmas fast approaching you can be sure there will be some great games being realeased,all hoping to be the xmas number 1.So here are a few games I'm looking forward to playing over the new year.

    1.Call Of Duty:World at War
    2.F.E.A.R.2:Project Origin
    3.Grand Theft Auto IV
    4.The Sims 3
    5.The Lord of The Rings:Conquest
    6.Steet Fighter 4
    7.Tomb Raider:Underworld
    8.Tom Clancys:HAWX
    9.Shellshock 2:Blood Trails
    10.Tom Clancys Splinter Cell:Conviction
    12.Resident Evil 5
    14.Diablo III
    15.Mafia 2
    16.Warhammer 40,000awn Of War 2
    17.Tom Clancys:Endwar
    18.Silent Hill:Homecoming

    note.Some of these wont be out till early 2009

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    Re: Upcoming Game Releases (UK)

    Definatly looking forward to tomb raider, already pre-ordered it months ago lol. not sure whether to get brothers in arms tho or save for gta4.

    i played the beta for world at war, it isnt just like cod4, it IS cod4 just with flamethrowers.

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    Re: Upcoming Game Releases (UK)

    I've heard a lot of mixed stuff about COD5. I have a few die hard CoD 2 and CoD4 fans who really don't like CoD5 and say it's not like any other CoD. Though I'm a CoD1 and CoD:UO fan all the way

    Though I'm really looking forward to GTA4, I always prefer it on PC.

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Upcoming Game Releases (UK)
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