Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

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    Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?


    I am a bit concerned that my Laptop CPU could be under pressure by running at temperatures that are too high, and consistently for too long.


    1. See my system specs for system details.
    2. Snips taken from screen-shots courtesy of Piriform Ltd - 'Speccy'

    Because I don't believe in it and don't use air-conditioning, the laptop is constantly being used in room temperatures that can vary from 22 to 34 Celsius [72 to 93 Fahrenheit], and in humidity that can range from 75%, right through to 98%. I do have free and open space under the laptop, and a desktop fan is constantly directing a good blast of air at the laptop position.

    Screen-snips from 'Speccy':

    Laptop CPU temperatures when it is basically at idle look like this;


    .....and with a couple of websites up and a bit of software running, the CPU temperatures looks like this;


    Keeping the Laptop free from dust and dirt:

    I'm aware that dust and dirt can play havoc with Laptop internal fan efficiency, and am constantly cleaning all the vents using a small hand-held battery-driven vacuum cleaner, and can't do much more than that.

    Blasting the dust using cans of compressed air - for a Laptop; Yes or No:

    Or can I use the cans???..... Are the compressed air cleaners in a can available at most computer and tech shops, of any use in cleaning Laptops? I am a bit wary of them, knowing that some have been known to introduce moisture into the units, during use as cleaners. Besides, I am none too keen in using something that could be blowing dust etc., further into the body of a Laptop. But are there any alternatives, other than removing the back and cleaning the fan that way??


    So, do my temperatures look anything out of the ordinary, and which is the best method in keeping the Laptop free from dust and dirt?
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    Yes the temps are high... but not abnormally..

    As you probably know, they run hotter than a desktop. I always run my laptop with the back end proped up to get as good as possible airflow.

    On cleaning out the fans... I usually blow air in the exhaust as I vaccuum out the intake

    You can use compressed air, just be careful you don't turn the can to blow out ligquidy air.
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    And here is where it rates.

    PassMark CPU Lookup
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    79C is indeed very high. I suggest a coolpad. That helps. In one of my HP laptops was was always too hot I solved the problem by swapping the HDD for a SSD. But that is a more expensive solution.
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    Core Temp's overheat protection is a good idea if your CPU temps a marginal

    Core Temp

    The tjmax is the CPU manufacturers max temp (assume critical) & safe temps to be 15c-20c below this.
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    If you do get Core Temp as recommended by Mitchell (I second his recommendation and use it myself), I suggest you also get the Sidebar Gadget Add-on so you can quickly and easily see what is happening. It's Core Temp Gadget 2.5 at: Core Temp - Add Ons.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    wow thats hot
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    Re: Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

    your cpu will automatically throttle back if it gets too hot anyway so i wouldnt worry about that , its a 65nm cpu they get hot its how they are , coupled with the fact its in a laptop and your high ambient temps its perfectly normal too see it reaching that "temp" , as long as your fan is running you'll be fine its 30 points off its TJ max (theoretical limit)

    and one thing that needs to be pointed out in all cases like this , temperature is always a "best guess" made by the software , and not always the actual core temp , or even a temp measurement at all , just a unit they use to calculate the distace the cpu is from its TJ max , they call it degrees C when in actual fact its a just a number.

    you have to remember Intel never meant the sensors to be used for measuring temperatures they are there purely to throttle the cpu if it gets too hot so stop worrying about it so much , its a laptop...........they get hot

    obviously if you can blow out a little dust that can only be a good thing

    oh and in future use this to take your temp readings

    Real Temp - CPU temperature monitoring

    and if you can be bothered read this

    Real Temp - Documentation
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Are my Laptop CPU temperatures running too high?

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