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    CPU Usage 100%

    When I am downloading my CPU is at 100% and as a result my computer slows down. I have AVG installed and have scanned my computer and have found no viruses or spyware. Any ideas what is up with my computer and what I can do to rectify this problem

    I have checked the task manager and there is a process called System - NT Kernal & System and it runs at 70% when downloading - surely this isnt normal.

    Many Thanks
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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    I have the exact same problem on my Vista Business, and also I have AVG installed, no firewall running, does anyone have a solution on this issue

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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    I would disable AVG and see if there is any difference in CPU load. Do you have the "link scanner" turned on? I no longer use AVG because it really slowed down my system and hogged resources.
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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    Thx for the reply,

    I have disabled the link scanner and resident shield, but it does not make any difference, and I get the problem when just loading a ordinary web page like this one and the CPU goes up to 100 %, or when I copy files from our network!

    When I restart the computer it works fine sometimes for a day or half a day before the problem appears..

    Any ideas?

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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    Do you have any kind of download scanner active, which could be scanning the data which you are trying to download. Try to disable AVG from services.msc & then try to download anything from the internet. And see if the CPU usage goes up or not.
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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    I tried downloading a file and I got the same 100% cpu load so I uninstalled AVG and tried downloading again and now it was only at 1-2%. So it seems that AVG and Vista does not work that great together!

    Does anyone have an ide if there is a way to configure avg so it works better with network traffic?
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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    do you regularly defrag your hard drive AND registry, if not then this could be a possible contributor to the problem, also use a cleaner to delete temporary files, recently used files, cache, and maybe even activeX. all of these should be cleaned at least once a week dependent on how often you download/install programs/uninstall programs etc. you may even need to defrag your HDD once a day if you use it alot..

    you could alos delete all system restor points and just keep the latest one created, this free's up alot of resources and can speed the system up and even more

    i would recommend mcafee security center (if compatable) as it includes a full system cleaner in two clicks. just to get rid of all the baggage from your system

    hope i have helped in some way...
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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    I had this problem. Noticed it at first because all video and audio would get choppy when it was downloading - or if something else was downloading while a video was playing. As soon as the download would stop the video and audio would play normally.

    I decided to check out the task manager - and it showed the cpu pegged at 100% while the download was happening - but in the app list the cpu usage didn't add up to 100, so I assumed it was something to do with the NIC and TCP/IP.

    Downloaded this app:

    SG TCP Optimizer

    SpeedGuide.net :: TCP Optimizer / Downloads

    I ran that and picked the optimized settings, and rebooted. The cpu still seems to run high while downloading, but video performance was totally fixed.

    Plus I'm also running AVG.

    Give it a try or not... it fixed my problem.
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    Re: CPU Usage 100%

    When I am downloading my CPU is at 100% and as a result my computer slows down
    Other reason (apart due to protected software) are some deffective drivers - try update drivers for your network card if you can
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