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Quattro Pro X3 Runtime Error

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    Quattro Pro X3 Runtime Error

    Hello. I see mostly TOOLS programs in this forum. So if I am in the wrong place I hope someone will kindly correct this newbie.

    I also realize that Quattro Pro X3 is an older program but it is a really good one that I have not felt the need to update, so maybe there are others like me that are still using this program. Thus the reason for posting.

    This post is both the problem AND the solution. I have long felt that when someone finds the solution to a problem they have posted without getting it on the same forum where they posted the question, then they should go back to the original posting and post the answer themselves.

    THE PROBLEM: Error on starting the program =
    " Runtime Error!
    Program c:\Program files\wordperfect office x3\QPW.exe
    abnormal program termination"

    The fix requires editing the registry so it is wise to do a backup of the registry before accessing it. Here is a good link to show you how to make a backup of the registry in Vista. How To Backup Registry In Windows Vista


    1. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories and Run.
    2. In the open window, type: regedit and click OK and "allow" if a popup box occurs.
    3. Choose the following path
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Corel\User Assistant\13\Recent Work\Quattro
    4. Right click on the Quattro Pro folder, select delete.
    5. Say yes when prompted to delete the key and all its subfolders.
    6. Close the Registry Editor
    7. Launch Quattro Pro


    When you save or open files Quattro Pro X3 makes it easy for you to access the next time you use the program by remembering the last 9 files you used. This is handy if you have some files you use often like I do. BUT...If you delete or move any of those programs then Quattro can't find them and decides to refuse to operate AT ALL. That is when you get the error.
    So if you happen to access a file on a CD or memory stick and that same CD or stick is not in the same place it was originally, you will also get the Runtime Error.
    Here is my work-around if I delete or rename a file or access one on an external source: I have created nine Quattro files that have only this info in them..."Save this to rotate out nonexistant file on 'Open' list" I have named my files Rotate_Out_1 through Rotate_Out_9. If I know I have a file on my "easy open" list that has been moved or deleted I simply open each of the 9 "Rotate_Out_#" files until the missing file is pushed off the list. Because if a nonexistant file is on that list they you WILL get the error above. Using this system has saved me from having to edit my registry as often.
    I don't know if Quattro fixed this stupid bug in later editions, but it cost me many hours the first time this happened. Now I have the 7 step fix handy and if I screw up and leave a nonexistant file on the "Open" list it only takes a couple of minutes to be back up and running.

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    Re: Quattro Pro X3 Runtime Error

    Thank you for the help that you have given others. I have given you rep and possibly a skilled badge for your support.
    (skilled badge depends on how many rep points your already have)

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    Re: Quattro Pro X3 Runtime Error

    I had the exact same problem. Followed the suggestions, and my Quattro Pro now works the way it should. Thank you for your guidance.

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Quattro Pro X3 Runtime Error
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