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No Audio Output Device is Installed

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    No Audio Output Device is Installed

    Up until yesterday, I had sound . I was playing a game and then the sound disappeared. A Red X appeared on the sound control. I shut down my laptop and everything started again.... then the sound stopped and the Red X appeared again. I have shut down more times than enough trying to rectify the problem to no avail.

    My laptop is an HP Pavillion dv9810us running Vista as OS.
    The sound card is a Conexant HD Smart Audio 211.

    I have been searching to resolve this problem and some other issues that started a while back. The initial problems were the webcam and the CD/Rom drive stopped working. I got them back and they worked a few days and disappeared again. I have run MrFixit and nothing. I get the messages that the drivers are missing.
    I have tried updating the drivers and redownloading... nothing seems to work

    In troubleshooting, I was able to find a way to view hidden devices in Computer management. I did so.... and it shows my missing devices... webcam/ cd/rom / sound . When I click on those devices... the icons are grayed out showing they are inactive. I cannot activate them.

    Before uninstalling and rebooting my laptop to see if this will reinstall the device drivers.... what am I missing and how can I get all three of these devices to be functional again? I have some online tutorials to do... but can't do them because of the 'no sound' . I am truly aggravated by this.

    It appears that this is a common problem that has not been resolved by MS.
    Someone please help me out.

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    Re: No Audio Output Device is Installed

    Have you tried a System Restore to a Point BEOFORE The problem happened?

    See System Restore - How to For More Information

    Also Did you Install/uninstall any New Programs and Drivers before Playing the Game and what is the Name of the Game so I can do some research

    Many Thanks,

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    Re: No Audio Output Device is Installed

    Yes, I have tried a system restore back to the day before the sound failed. That didn't work.
    I have read everything that I possibly can read.
    The only thing have done is to restore back to factory reset. I don't want to do that because I can't save anything to disc unless I go out and buy a separate storage harddrive since the CD rom is not functioning.

    Last nite I performed a chkdsk which worked the first time when the webcam and cd rom were not working. This time... it did not fix any issues.

    The game was on Facebook (Jungle Bricks) and nothing that I had installed or deleted myself.
    I'd read that some people had problems with iTunes.. so I deleted that via my control panel.
    I'm grasping at straws right now.

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    Re: No Audio Output Device is Installed

    hi i have the same laptop as you and have all the problems you have we may have to deal with hp on this matter i am a tech ive tried every sound driver for it what seems to work is if you redue your pc to windows vista it will work for a while

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No Audio Output Device is Installed
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