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    Bypass UAC

    Bypass UAC
    Bypass UAC for Standard Users
    Published by dmex is offline
    22 Jun 2008
    Bypass UAC

    Bypass UAC for Standard Users

    This guide will help setup a Desktop Shortcut for Bypassing UAC for programs that require UAC Administrative Permissions and allow Standard Users to run these programs without Administrative Access using a known bypass trick in Task Manager and a Desktop Shortcut,
    You can also use this trick to launch the program via command prompt or from scripts.

    Step 1
    Open the Start-Menu and typeTask Scheduler then run it

    Step 2
    You will now see the Task Scheduler Management Console , To the right click Create Task

    Step 3
    A new window to create tasks will appear, Type a Name and Description of the task and then Tick “Run With Highest Privileges” towards the bottom. (Don’t Change any other settings)
    NOTE: Remember the name you called this Task as you will need it later.

    Step 4
    Skip the Triggers Tab because we want the program to run only when needed via a Desktop Shortcut and not automatically, so goto the Actions Tab then click New

    Step 5
    Browse for the program you want your Standard Users to Run without requiring UAC Access

    Once you have entered the required information click OK and you will see your task entered into the Actions Tab like the one below.

    Step 6 - Skip This Step For Desktop Computers, Its only needed for Laptops.
    Goto Conditions Tab and untick “ Start the Task only when computer is Running on AC Power”

    Step 7
    Goto The Settings Tab and make sure the following two items are ticked as shown below.

    Click OK when done

    Step 8
    You will now see your Task listed under Scheduler Library with the Status Ready.

    Once you have confirmed the task was created successfully just Close Task Scheduler

    Step 9
    Right-Click your Desktop and go New > Shortcut

    Step 10
    Once you see the Create Shortcut window enter the following:

    C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "TaskName"
    Instead of "TaskName" enter the specific name you gave your task with quotations, in it's place.

    warning   Warning
    Remember to include the quotation marks around the TaskName or it will fail to successfully run the Task.
    warning   Warning

    If you created the task under say the "Microsoft" folder the task name changes to C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "\Microsoft\taskname"...You can find out where it was registered by going to the history tab in Task scheduler..

    Click Next when you have entered the information and then enter at name for your Desktop Shortcut before clicking OK.


    A new Desktop Shortcut that runs the program you specified with Full Administrator Rights without Requiring UAC prompts or complete Administrator Access, You can customize the shortcut with an icon or other settings if you wish.

    If this didnt work for you, Ask me Live!!
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    Re: Bypass UAC

    When i do this it wants me to enter my password then says i don't have the privileges. Why?
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    Re: Bypass UAC

    Are you signed in as administrator?
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    Re: Bypass UAC

    Quote Originally Posted by sonicxml View Post
    When i do this it wants me to enter my password then says i don't have the privileges. Why?
    Quote Originally Posted by locoeng View Post
    Are you signed in as administrator?

    Hi Sonic,

    Just make sure you specify the account username and password at step3 for the administrator account the task needs to runas and make sure you also tick "Run with Highest Privileges"


    You dont need to be signed in as administrator, you only need to make sure the account specifyed to run the task is an adminisrator

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    Re: Bypass UAC

    Thanks for the clarification Steven
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    Re: Bypass UAC

    After step 7, I go to press okay and it says "Enter user account information for running this task." it comes up with the user dell\(yournamehere) and asks for a password.

    I gave it my password for my standard user account on the computer, but it says, "Task Scheduler cannot create the task. The user account is unknown, the password is incorrect, or the user account does not have permission to create this task."

    I assume that means that standard users are not allowed to create the task outlined here... is there anything I can do to still bypass UAC? It does come very often, and it is annoying. Vista security seems to have just become so much more intense and uptight, I'm not even sure I can bypass this at all. Well, not easily at least.

    Help please?
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    Re: Bypass UAC

    Hello Anika, an welcome to Vista Forums.

    I'm sorry, but yes you need to be an administrator to be able to create this task for Standard accounts.

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    Re: Bypass UAC

    im running as admin but when UAC on Host man(hostmanager) program don't start automatically it needs admin permission or i need to run as admin all the time after reboot.If im not home this very big issue if my hostfile is not running ..thats why i disabled UAC ..but if i do this way(tutorial) this gonna solve this problem..i mean if i enable UAC again and after all reboot Hostman will run automatically???

    Any advice

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    Re: Bypass UAC

    ok i need help i got to end of step 7 then when i clicked ok and it wanted me to enter user account information for running this task. any help?
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    Re: Bypass UAC

    So you have to be logged on the administrators account to make this? How to we access this on the Limited accounts?
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