How to Backup Specific Files in Vista Like NT Backup in XP

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In Vista we can only backup file types in the built-in backup files feature. That will use more space from your drive. This tutorial will help you to create a backup of specific files instead of file types.

Here's How:

1. From a XP computer, copy these files in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, or click on the Download button below to download them in a ZIP file.
  • ntbackup.exe size 1.14 mb
  • ntmsapi.dll size 40 kb
  • vssapi.dll size 420 kb

2. Extract these files above to the desktop.

3. Next, move these three files into a safe location like C:\Windows\nt backup or C:\Program Files\nt backup .
4. Create a shortcut of ntbackup.exe, and place it where you like for easy access.
5. Thats it. You can now backup specific files that you want.