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Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

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    Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

    Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard
    How to Shutdown, Restart, Switch User, Log Off, Sleep, or Lock Vista from the Keyboard
    Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

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    How to Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

    information   Information
    This is to Shutdown, Restart, Switch User, Log Off, Sleep, or Lock Vista from the keyboard or mouse. This can be helpful if your mouse has stopped working or you just want to use a quick keyboard shortcut.
    Tip   Tip
    You can Lock the computer by pressing the Windows Key + L keys.


    Through the Start Menu

    NOTE: This is for the shutdown options for Vista.
    1. Click on the Start Name:  Logo.gif
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Size:  2.2 KB button or press the Windows key.

    2. Click on the arrow button or use your arrow keys to move over to the shutdown options. (See screenshot below)

    3. Click on a shutdown option or press Enter to run the selected option.
    Name:  Start_Menu.jpg
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    Through the Alt + F4 Keyboard Shortcut

    NOTE: This will also close any active open window when pressed. If you no longer have a working mouse or would prefer to use the keyboard, then press Alt + F4 until you get to the desktop.
    1. Minimize or close any active open window(s) and go to the Desktop.

    2. Press Alt + F4.

    3. Click on the drop down arrow to select the option you want or use the Tab key and the Up and Down arrow keys to. (See screenshots below)

    4. Click on OK or press Enter to run the selected option.
    NOTE: The shutdown option this window opens with by default can be changed to either Shutdown or Sleep. For how, see: How to Change Power Button settings for the Start Menu and Case in Vista
    warning   Warning
    If you see the screenshot below instead when you press Alt + F4, then see:
    How to Remove or Show the Start Menu Shutdown Options in Vista


    That's it,

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    Re: Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

    do you know what a shortcut would be that would allow yu to prompt the Alt+F4 shutdown menu?

    so that you could assign it to a shortcut on the desktop or something and then choose what you want to do?

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    Re: Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

    Hi Dukeblue17,

    Welcome to the forum.

    None that I am aware of for the complete ALT+F4 Shutdown Menu. You could download the individual shutdown options, from the related links above, and add them to Quick Launch. This way you can just have a one click shutdown option then.

    If you need help with Quick Launch, see: How to Use Quick Launch in Vista

    Hope this helps,

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Shutdown Vista from the Keyboard

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