Anyone Else Play World of Warcraft?

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    Anyone Else Play World of Warcraft?

    Well, I guess if your reading this you play, if not maybe you should. That is if you like a lot of fun and can ignore other people who are, well let's say a little more than feisty about the game, it's much more intense I suppose to young in's. To those of us who love to game and are serious but not cruel we want everyone to get a chance at game play(if it were up to me) but alas some folks are very cold blooded and I being a open minded person would just like to say, I have been playing for a long time, but not obsessed and I've seen "noobs" as you call them, are just doing all you did, you at one time were lower level and worst players because you didn't know crap yet. People learn and grow, but a lot of the people in Trade Chat are just so juvenile. Also Racism, and hatred of different ways of thinking, well gay people must be offended a great deal is all i am saying. And trust me, no ones safe.Everyone's a target even if you have friends, people can get to ya by hacking, etc. So you always follow rules of play etc. and never give up any info unless it has nothing to do with your personal life, that's a warning sign. I have been hacked and trust me it's not fun, but whomever did it, I never figured out how. I know the rules of PC world..NO info unless you have to, to ligament people, etc. They still got me but i hope i got it worked out so it won't happen again and Blizz(W.o.W. makers), gave me everything I had back and a bit more. well 500 Gold..LOL, for being ripped off...I wanted a Drake they said, peace fellow W.o.W fans..peace
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    Re: Anyone Else Play World of Warcraft?

    Ahh, nasty, i used to be a RuneScape noob and i got hacked a few times, mainly my low level accounts for some strange reason. Im not a fan of Warcraft but iv'e heard its really good, my mate gave me a copy of TwelveSkyTwo and thats pretty cool. I probably wouldnt be able to play Warcraft on my system anyways.

    Nice one on getting all your stuff back too!

    Daniel =)
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    Re: Anyone Else Play World of Warcraft?

    I used to play, but it got watered down so fast one they started releasing expansions. The number of cocky people grew by the minute, and the people who literally "lived" WoW got sickening fast. Back in the day, in the original, it wasn't bad, but with the expansions, and talent/class changes constantly, I just got sick of it. I ended up with 6 lvl 80's and was bored out of my mind. Making money was too easy, and I realized I had turned into one of them that sat in Orgrimmar waiting for a heroic group to form.

    I see they're messing it up again, changing the original world completely, which turned me off even more. I still get calls from some people I used to play with "Hey, you wanna play WoW again?" these are the same people that would actually get pissed because I wasn't home when they called and wanted me to tank something. I was at a baseball game and they tried to convince me to leave, log on and tank for them. that's just too much. It was a month later that I quit.

    I had a DPS Warrior and a Prot Pally(Blood Elf), and it came down to them all of the time. My Lock, Priest, and Hunter never got any good Raid or dungeon time. I grew sick of it all and up and quit one day,cancelled my account and haven't looked back. I don't really game anymore anyway. I think WoW took all the fun out of my gaming really.
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    Re: Anyone Else Play World of Warcraft?

    I played the trial i really loved the game. Unfortuantely im not willing to fork over 15 bux everymonth to play wows.


    I got guildwars. Only neeed to pay for the box and you can play for free after that. Unfortunately not many people play it. Good thing they are coming out with guild wars 2 which should be preety full, and maybe can be a match for world of warcraft.
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Anyone Else Play World of Warcraft?

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