I know this isn't exactly a Vista problem, but you guys have helped me out in the past.

I am trying to upgrade my husbands PC which has Vista Ultimate on it to Windows 7 Ultimate, during the upgrade I received this error message :-
he following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

  • For these items, make the following changes:

  • Install updated drivers for the following devices. Open Control Panel and search for "update device drivers".

Storage controllers: ITE IT8212 ATA RAID Controller
The drivers he has installed at the moment are He is not prepared to spend money on his PC, the reason this card was installed was so he could access his DVD Rom, and IDE HD.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers, but on reboot, they automatically reinstall again. I think although I am not sure I have managed to find the drivers Win7 wants.

I do not want to do a clean install. So can anyone please tell me how to

a) Delete the drivers so I can at least try the ones I think are newer.
b) Give me a workaround, so that I can install Win7.