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I too am very surprised that code masters hasn't patched this. My symptoms were identical to the ones in your video exactly same type of stuttering (win 7 x64). This is even after reinstalling windows on a raid0 setup with cossfired 5770s with crossfire turned on or off 6gb of ram and an i7 even.... I reinstalled gfwl several times and this continued. I ended up putting an intel x25-m 160gb solid state drive in my machine to cure this problem. This brought my computer score to 7.4 if you ask me that is completely ridiculous. I am pretty sure most people aren't going to be willing to pay an arm and a leg for a ssd to be able to play this game nor should they have to. I own a Subaru wrx sti (unfortunately not the hatchback model :-( )and am a rally nut. Which makes me willing to (grudgingly) do this. I think that makes me a minority in this. Code Masters needs to get their selves together. Don't even get me started on the fact that I paid $59 on a game they apparently aren't supporting with patches etc but then you tell me I am going to pay extra to be able to race the cars I want to be able to race?? Maybe they should spend some of the time they are spending grubbing money on live extras on patches. My dad who loves rally as well (though he has an evo vii ewww and lives thousands of miles from me) bought dirt 2 to play with me. I had to recommend he not buy dirt 3 because of the headache he would have to go through trying to get it running correctly, and because he would never be ok with paying extra for the extra cars/tracks. Sroory for the rant just wanted to share my solution and disgust for the problem.
I completely agree, microsoft are trying to turn PC into an xbox (content is no longer free), for example, call of duty 4 had updates that you had to install and they came with free maps, but with xbox, you had to pay for the maps, now, PC users now have to pay to get content for a game they've already payed for.

as for the patches, it's absolutely shocking that a game that has been out this long and the only patch they've released to date is one to stick marshalls running across the track on rally levels

Fortunately I experienced the same problem and didn't make it according to ur solution but finally solved this by install "windows live ID sign in assistant 7.0 rather than 6.5 on my Win 7 x64 box.

Here is the 7.0 download link Windows 7 online ID providers - Microsoft Windows and it is actually included in Windows Live Package 2011.

What I did :

1. Remove everything related to GFWL ( remember to back up savs etc. but GFWL dose have some cloud storage function )
2. Reinstall GFWL, downloaded directly from microsoft, 70MB package, Download: Games for Windows Software Setup 3.5 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
3. Uninstall windows live ID sign in assistant
4. Restart computer (log out is OK)
5. Install windows live ID sign in assistant 7.0 (actually it is Windows Live Software Package 2011), and restart again
6. Run Dirt 3, test, everything flawless.