BF2142 problems

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    BF2142 problems

    Hello everyone. I found this site by a stroke of luck and hope someone can help me out. I have been all over the web and cant find a answer to my questions. BF2142 crashes after 1-2 rounds of titan mode with a memory error(memory.dll to be specific). The game locks up but everything else continues to run. I have taken many steps to fix this but none work. I have disabled user account control, run the game under admin, changed the permisions to all bf2142.exe, ran thru everydriver for all of my hardware. I can play the game flawless until it locks and then shut the game down and restart it and it runs again till 1-2 more rounds are played. I have played as many as 4 rounds in conquest w/o lockup but it eventually locks. The only thing i cant seem to do that is suggested is run the shortcut in compatability mode for xp sp2. When i do that and attemp to start the game it doesn't recognise that the dvd is in there( it is btw). I can run it in win server 2003 sp1 but still get the same crash. the game ofcourse runs fine under xp but i didnt pay money to leave a operating system to collect dust on a shelf. Many others play this game under vista but i am not sure if they are on 32 or 64 bit version. Also doesn't matter if sli is enabled or not, i have tried with one card and still same end result. Both sound cards result in same crash. Anyone with any ideas that i haven't tried allready please chime in. I have searched high and low on atleast 200 websites so please no flaming.

    My Hardware:
    Abit In9 32-max Wi-Fi
    Intel QX6700 quad
    2x evga 8800gtx sc in sli
    2x1 gig OCZ PC2 8500 sli edition(1066)
    SB X-Fi Elite Pro and onboard
    CM Stacker 830 case with 7 120mm fans installed
    G15 keyboard
    G7 Mouse
    Vista ultimate 64
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    I am having the exact same problem as you, it crashes out every time on Titan map changes, memory.dll issue. I have tried all kinds of things, no UAC, run as Admin, run in compatability with XP SP2 (but it also says can't find CD). I have even tried turning off sound. There is a known issue with the nvidia drivers for the 8800GTX whereby selecting 4xAA in BF2142 actually sets it to 16xAA, but I have even overridden this in the nvidia control panel, and it still crashes. I'm fast running out of options...

    This is most frustrating!

    Vista Ultimate x64
    ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
    2Gb Corsair RAM
    Leadtek 8800GTX
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    I have the same issue as both posters above, so I thought I'd install 32 bit Vist on another drive. Got it all installed and guess what, same FU@king issue! So I guess it's not a 64-bit issue, but something with Vista and maybe 8800 cards. I'm going to drop cards down to my 7950 and see if it helps..
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    BF2142 - Memory.dll crash during loading - workaround

    Same issue here.

    Try reducing the textures in the game from high to medium.
    This worked for me.

    I ran into this suggestion at the creative forums.
    I was only able to usually play 1 titian map (maybe 2 in rare cases). After that I would get the same crash during map loading.

    After changing my textures to medium I have played up to 5 titan maps in a row many times with no problems. Perhaps the issue is still there but takes much longer to hit now.

    Good luck.
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    I have just fixed this, survived two titan map changes without crashing!!!!

    The issue is a memory issue *duh* that you can fix by patching your .exe files, works for STAKER, BF2142, and Supreme Commander!

    Get the files at: -

    In the .zip is a directory called 3Gb Enabler.

    All you need to do is:
    1.) Take a backup of your .exe file (BF2142.exe)
    2.) Copy BF2142.exe into the 3Gb Enabler Folder
    3.) Open a command prompt in the 3Gb Enabler Folder
    4.) Run "editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE <name>.exe" e.g. editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE BF2142.exe
    5.) Copy the now patched .exe back into the game directory
    6.) Start pwning on Titan maps again!

    You must have >2Gb of total (physical plus page file) memory available for this to work

    For 32bit Vista users, you also need to run the following to change you OS memory limit.
    BCDEDIT /set increaseuserva 2900
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    yes the 3gb enabler works perfectly, I wonder if an update is going to fix this? kind of annoying doing this for every game .exe

    although i did get kicked off a server once for a pb error that basically stated my .exe has been modified, but it only happened once i just rejoined the server and was fine.
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    usa us california


    Quote Originally Posted by SSGWright View Post
    yes the 3gb enabler works perfectly, I wonder if an update is going to fix this? kind of annoying doing this for every game .exe

    although i did get kicked off a server once for a pb error that basically stated my .exe has been modified, but it only happened once i just rejoined the server and was fine.
    There's another to do the same thing, except you shouldn't get kicked off because even though you still modify the exe, I believe it does it a little differently because you don't have to actually put another file into the directory. Anyway, I've had this done for about a week now and I've not been kicked yet. So just do the following:

    First, you'll need to grab and install Visual Studio C++ Express from Microsoft.

    It's free so don't worry.
    Visual Studio Express: Visual C++ - Easy to Use
    Once installed, you'll need to update it. also the game make sure u have lastest

    patch installed

    Backup the bf2.exe file. Just in case.
    Start ->Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition ->Visual Studio Tools ->Visual Studio

    2005 Command Prompt
    Navigate to your battlefield 2 directory.
    If you don't know how to navigate in DOS, follow this:
    "cd c:\Program Files\" ENTER ***c:\Program Files (x86)\ ENTER in vista 64***
    then usually it's "cd EA GAMES" ENTER
    "cd Battlefield 2" ENTER


    editbin.exe /LARGEADDRESSAWARE BF2.exe hit ENTER. Should come up with a

    Microsoft copyright or trademark thingy. This means success.
    write exit and hit ENTER

    I originally found this here: Planet Battlefield Forums
    and like I said, I've tested it and it works with absolutely NO side effects and I've played allot of BF2142 since I've done this!
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    Thankyou this post helped me fix mine Now to address the pnkbstrB.exe has stopped werking issues!
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    Re: BF2142 problems

    I had the same issue today.....were you guys running Speedfan or Rivatuner by any chance? I never got this error yesterday...played a few hours without it. As soon as I tried with Speedfan and Rivatuner this error happened.
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    Re: BF2142 problems

    Has anyone tried this update from Microsoft? Sounds like it fixes the memory problem everyone is having.

    Virtual address space usage in Windows game development
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BF2142 problems

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