Thanks for those increase screen and font sizes helpful hints. I will try them when I have more time-perhaps this weekend.

More info and observation concerning my original icon problem has just emerged.

I just printed out your helpful hints using Notepad. I wanted to highlight your important points before printing and I thought about putting it through MS Paint and see if I can highlight it that way. Remember, I have never used Paint before and so this was an experiment for me. Anyway, I tried unsuccessfully to put the Notepad document into Paint.

What I discovered was a route to the Pictures folder where I had stored pictures of my desktop icons and I discovered that one of my icons had reverted back to a Firefox orange fox on globe icon. In fact, this route to the Pictures folder [and other folders such as Recent Changes(all through Paint)]seems to be lagging behind in having all of the contents displayed.

However, I can navigate to that same Pictures folder by a different route and that same logo icon is untouched. It is OK. And my desktop icon is OK. And the icons are OK in my Documents folder as well.

So, why is one route to the various folders (through Paint) not able to contain the entire contents of those folders as another more direct route to the very same folders? Maybe my icon did not change to the fox but maybe through this Paint route the icon never went in correctly?

In any case, this is a concern to me. Can Vista not handle its own many functions? Is that why it is so unpopular? That aside, I wonder if anyone can offer advice about this latest icon blip of mine?

Is it likely that this insidious fox and IE 'e' can dig their way into any preventive measure I try to take? How can I stop this? Did anyone know if those icons can be deleted or if so, would IE and Firefox simply utilize a default-default second round icon to replace the first deleted icon-and so on it goes?

Thanks. This just seems to get deeper and deeper.....