Im looking into getting a new pc with entirelly new hardware in the next 6 months.

I have over 100 applications installed on my current (3 years old) Vista PC and I have made a complete image/backup using Vista's "Backup & Restore Centre".

I have not tried this before but if i buy a new pc and install vista on that, then would i be able to restore my image to this new pc?

I have used easy transfer and understand i could only transfer my files and settings but no software.

I see the complete restore would make life easier instead of installing 100 software applications again. My understanding of "Backup & Restore Centre" is that it creates a partition image i.e. will have all the wrong drivers installed for the new pc even if i installed vista and correct drivers before the restore.

Searched the internet and dont feel im the only one. Any questions please ask.

Look forward to a reply