Hello all. I have been using ad hoc with internet connection sharing (ICS) for a while, I usually use it for connecting my ipod touch to the internet.

A few days ago I made a ad hoc connection but the Internet connection sharing option didn't showed up in the "set up connection or network" wizard, so I cannot share internet between my laptop and another device. My laptop is an HP dv9930us with Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN, so what I have is a wired connection to the internet and I want to share it with ad hoc as I did several times before. I don't know what caused this problem. I checked windows update for the last updates and the last thing that was installed when the problem started was an update to windows Defender.

I am using Windows Vista home premium 64 bits. I've seen some post about this, but no posts have been solved, can you help me please?

Greetings from Venezuela