Hello all,
I have a conundrum I was wondering if you all could help me with.

I have an HP all in One printer attached by ethernet via a modem router to my desktop which is running Windows Vista Home Premium. Because I am using ethernet instead of USB directly connected to the desktop, I have lost some of the functionality of the printer, namely the lightscribe drive as I can only use the touchpad on the printer itself to print labels onto CD's. According to all that I can find on HP, you can only install the printer one way (USB or ethernet or wireless etc) on any one computer. To change the connection you must first uninstall the printer software.
I will say up front that I am not willing to uninstall/reinstall the printer software on my desktop. Apart from the lightscribe thing, the printer is flawless and works very well.
I have also read of nightmare re-installs with this model software on the HP boards.

I am in the process of choosing a new laptop (Windows 7 of course!) and my question is this:
Can I install the HP software onto the laptop as a USB connection and use the printer both ways? I am planning on using the laptop wirelessly to my network to access the internet, but don't know if I can do that and connect with USB to a printer on the network which is already connected to it by ethernet.

Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance..