I'm wondering if the option to relocate account folders such as Documents, Pictures etc. in Vista is possible with the setup I have in mind.

I have multiple PCs on my network and want to relocate the corresponding account folders from each PC - i.e. MyAccount from PC1 & MyAccount from PC2 - to the same locations on a NAS, thus whatever changes are made on one will be reflected on another - giving a kind of Active Directory 'impression'.

Example: Go to Documents and select Properties > Location > Move, and relocate directory to NAS. Do the same for corresponding account/directory on another PC and relocate to same location on NAS.

I want to know whether relocating directories from two separate directories/accounts/PCs to the same location on the NAS will cause problems, or whether files will simply be accessable from either account/PC.

If it's possible, will there be any permission issues (Windows and/or NAS) and could such relocation still be done (even if some tweaking is necessary) for directories such as Favorites, Contacts, Links etc?