Help, music keeps on stuttering

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    Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I'm using Vista x64 Ultimate
    Asus P5E Mobo (0702 bios *updated*)
    Q6600 - 3.2 ghz prime stable
    4gb munskin ram (default timings)
    USB Headphones Microsoft LX-3000 (most up to date drivers installed)

    My music player (WinAMP, iTunes) always stutter when I load a page off any browser (IE7,FireFox,GoogleChrome) after I left my computer on for a long time(4+ hours). I first thought it was ram that was affecting it but I'm not so sure. The longer I left my computer on the more likely it'll stutter, but I can fix about 98% of the stutter by rebooting my computer.

    The stuttering only occurs when I load the page, but stops when the page finishes loading. Sites with more pictures will cause more stuttering, and this doesn't happen when I play any games.

    Anyone know of this problem?
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    i have never had the experience of that exact problem but i have had one like it.

    first, open a music file and play it through the affected application

    then go to start menu, then click on accessories
    followed by system tools, and then select Internet Explorer No add-ons

    load a web page and see if you still get the distortion...

    if you do get the distortion, you could try reinstalling internet explorer

    if u still get it after that, it may only be simple things like the priority of the application, which can be changed with task manager under the "proccesses" tab. but i wouldn't think it was the priority, due to the fact you have OC CPU

    do you use advanced performance on your hard drive?
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    Apologies for bumping up an old thread (especially since I'm new here), but I came here via a Google search and I happen to be facing a similar problem as the original thread starter. In my case though, my computer is an one-year-old Acer M5630 running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The stuttering issue started and worsened only recently, especially after i had accidentally dropped a phone on it.

    The problem seems to happen not only when I load a page in a web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), but also during other high-load CPU activities. The problem is only especially bad when something is loading in the web browser though.

    I have ruled out a speaker problem (I have tested it with other devices and they work fine), so there's definitely something wrong on the computer itself.

    Full specifications:

    Acer Aspire M5630
    Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz
    2GB of RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS (I'm including this as I did read somewhere that graphics card may cause some audio problems indirectly)
    Realtek High-Definition Audio (integrated with the motherboard)
    Creative I-Trigue 2300 speakers
    Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I have exactly the same problem as the first poster: sound stuttering on browsing heavy imaged sites (like google maps), and it usually starts if computer is on for a couple of hours. It worsens then, the longer the computer is on, the more stuttering, ultimately even on performing other intensive tasks (not only surfing), though to a far less extent.
    I checked temperatures. Seem all normal (GPU is 60 degrees, but that's not abnormal for a GPU is it?). No mem leakage in RAM, happens also if little software is running in the background. It happens on firefox as well as internet explorer and when playing music in foobar as well as in media player.
    I have the idea I tried everything, except for a clean reinstall of vista, will try this soon. If that not helps, I'll send it back to manufacturer for repair.

    My specs:
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Desktop Li3740.
    Running Win Vista Home Prem. 32bit.
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5 Ghz.
    4 GB RAM.
    NVidia GeForce 9500 GS 512MB.
    Realtek High Def. Audio (on board).
    NVidia Nforce Networking Controller.
    Harddisk: ST3500620AS ATA Device

    Any other ideas I could try?

    Hope you can give some reactions...
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I had this problem around a month or two ago with firefox. After searching extensively I believe I found a thread on apple's itunes support page about this issue. Basically for me at least the shuttering would only occur when loading web pages with lots of images after resuming my computer from hibernation mode

    The best solution was to update your sound drivers either through Device Manager or from the sound device's website. Actually it may have even been through Dell's integrated update manager because I have a Dell Inspiron 1520

    I specifically had the problem with SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC however I found an update for the drivers and this fixed the problem. Sorry that I'm a bit scant on details but it was a while ago.

    Hope this rambling message was of any use's a pain in the arse I used to cringe every time my music was interrupted

    P.S. for some reason the problem has now started again when I use Chrome...any fixes for this one? maybe I should update the drivers again
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    haha i signed up just so i could reply to this see if it could help.
    i saw on another website they talked about buying a dedicated sound card, cuz the integrated one is going to share your cpu power and is gonna make it stutter, i might buy one soon
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I tried a dedicated card... no help. I get this same issue on two machines. I recorded a Youtube video:


    First off, thanks for the awesome response time in approving the post... great mods you have here. Sorry for the edit, but I should add more info-

    1) I have this issue with Vista Ultimate X64 SP1 and SP2.

    2) It happens on two different machines (ASUS M2AVM-HDMI and ASUS M3A76-CM motherboards) with both onboard and dedicated audio.

    3) It's not faulty hardware, as XP X64 is perfectly fine.

    4) I believe it's not actually audio related... more like the LAN. I have yet to try a PCI card. Will update once I do.

    Good luck to everyone else... I feel your pain.
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I'm having this same issue. Vista x64, everything good after a restart, but with the unit on for a day or two will yield stuttering or static (iTunes, WM11, Media Player classic) when browsing the internet. Pretty much the exact same issue in the video posted. Strange thing is, I'm also using an ASUS motherboard, only mine is a P6T Deluxe. Not sure if it's an ASUS thing or a vista x64 thing. Hopefully something will come out of this thread. Haven't really found anything about this anywhere else.
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I had a similar issue, and found this topic on Google when trying to find a solution. Here's what I've found:

    Symptoms: Sound stuttering / crackling / skipping / static when loading websites, or for some people, with other heavy network usage such as torrenting. Often grows worse with time since the last reboot. Can be noticable and immediate, or can gradually appear over time.

    Technical Explanation:
    High DPC latency. Usually an issue with a driver.

    Cause: In my case -- COMODO Firewall. Known issue with 3.8 and up (3.10 currently) on Vista or Win7 RC. As of this post the devs have been aware of it for several months but have not yet been able to fix it.

    Topic on their forums:

    Solution: Downgrade to COMODO 3.5, or uninstall.
    3.5 available here:

    This might not be the reason for your issue, but this post is meant to help other Googlers too.

    If you don't use COMODO, the cause is still probably something causing high DPC latency. In that case, get the tool mentioned here to help you figure out what it may be:
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    Re: Help, music keeps on stuttering

    I had that problem on my new xp from dell. It occured when i played an mp3 and had nothing to do with web surfing.

    It turns out that the computer was set to run in PIO mode rather than DMA which meant that I was losing about 99% of my processing power.

    I went to device manager and reset the proper controls from pio to dam and the problem was solved.

    I post this in case it helps somebody with a similar xp problem.

    I have no idea if this is relevant to vista.
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Help, music keeps on stuttering

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