Some of you may remember the 2010 version of the fake Microsoft Security Essentials. In the last a totally new Aero styled twist to the previously known "protector.exe" trojan dropper that saw the fake SE or Windows Doctor scamware placed on your system has a new cousin to watch out for!

This latest malware will easily slip past any effect web guard as well as just about any av program! The user will unwittingly expose themselves to this by whatever form disguishes it to begin with.

The now called "protector-xfg.exe" trojan dropper downloads several trojans along with a fake "Security Essentials - Windows Defender". Note when trying to bring up the taskmanager to find out what process is new to end it you will find the SE along with a "Windows Process Manager" which basically takes over the taskmanager entirely preventing the disable of the scamware as well as the protector-xfg.exe trojan dropper.

Removal is basic as far as the main exe file by booting into safe mode to manually delete the file found under the user account sub folders once you have opened the file location. Here on one infected 7 laptop the protector-xfg.exe bug was first moved into a temp folder out from the user account while still being active prior to the reboot into safe mode.

With the VIPRE AV Home Premium version of that software installed and having removed several trojans already the fake SE still continued to indicate they were present risks. The obvious design of the malware was to point to already known about bugs in order to get people to buy the fake SE!

Unfortunately the laptop needed charging the first time it was looked at and the followup scan by VIPRE however revealed the quaranteened and then removed trojans as well as Fake SE seen as the last item in the scan results here.

The fake SE is dark almost black background in color with the look of any more recent software with the Aero style appearance with yellow and red coloring for text. That's quite a bit different in appearance from the 2010 version of a fake MS SE seen in the link above.