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I also found this...
1. Run Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc)
2. Go to Processes tab
3. End msseces.exe process
4. Start Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> regedit.exe)
5. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware hive
6. Right click on it and modify permissions to have Full Control right
7. Change EndOfLife value from 2 to 0
8. Change back permissions
9. Start Microsoft Essentials
I found that registry key and also changed it and then rebooted. I got that nag immediately upon logging in so I removed MSE. Funny thing is I don't think that I even had the latest version since WU isn't working for me. It must have updated in the background. Thank you M$ for once again finding a way to nag us into updating to 10. I suppose that we can expect the same when 7 reaches EOL. Now I could understand one alert but to do so every time I reboot? Unacceptable.