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Solved Check Disk doesn't complete Vista32

Check Disk doesn't complete Vista32
[HR][/HR]Vista 32 bit Home Basic.
Ran chkdsk ( at startup, this and everytime) and it did not complete after many hours. Stuck at 85% in the 5th part 'verifying free space'
Forced stop.
Did some reading and ran chkdsk again, this time stopped at 83%.
Forced stop.
Ran HDD utilities to test HD , 3 different ones, all passed the HDD no bad sectors showing.
Ran chkdsk for 40 hrs, stuck at 81%.
Forced stop.
Any help would be appreciated.


Vista Guru
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Back up your data because it is quite possible that the drive is failing. You might also try the diagnostic discs that you can download from the drive's manufacturer.
Thanks for the response.
What I've done:
1. booted into recovery disk
2. ran check disk from cmd inside recovery disk
3. check disk completed no problems

I had run multiple hard drive test ( before I ran chkdsk in Recovery). All passed but still no joy when I ran chkdsk at startup. Had also ran memory tests which passed. Then ran chkdsk with cmd using recovery disks and it completed. Have run chkdsk to completion after this with no problems to completion. Consider this as solved.