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Solved Checking for Updates taking a long time

I just did a clean install of Home Premium 32-bit SP2. I installed IE9 and a few drivers. I then installed updates to help with searching and installing updates (see attached image).
Installed Updates.JPG

It has been checking for updates for about 2 hours. I will let it continue to run overnight but in my experience, after installing the updates listed in the image attached, checking for updates does not take that long. Maybe I missed something. Need another set of eyes to see where I went wrong.
Well I did miss something. PATIENCE!!!

It just finished with 213 updates just waiting to be installed. I think I will oblige them and kick this thing off and check it in the morning. Sorry for the premature reaction. I just need to slow down a bit.
Monthly updates are getting progressively slower, so updating after installation should also be getting slower. KB3194371 was probably not necessary, but all's well that ends well.