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Solved Duplicated messages

Hi All - Couldn't access my Windows Mail account for the last couple of days - kept getting a sign in box which wouldn't accept my username and/or my password.

'Phoned BT Helpline & eventually spoke to some very nice people in Calcutta who set up a new account & password.

But this seems to have duplicated all the messages in my Inbox!

Is there an easy (& free) way to remove all of the duplicate messages, please?

Madhur B

Dell Social Media Team
Please check if there is a duplication of the account.

To check, please follow the instruction: Tools ->Accounts-> make sure you do not have the account entered twice.

Is your anti-virus (AV) program also running e-mail scanning option?

If yes, please disable that option.

For any further questions in future please feel free to contact us.
Hi Madhur - Thanks for the message.

I have checked in Tools>Accounts and there are 3 entries:

My mail default account
Active Directory (NULL)
Verisign Internet Directory Service

What I'd like to do is remove all the duplicated files - all message headers in Inbox have now somehow doubled up! Deleting manually will take ages.

Many thanks.
Madhur - Thank you so much my friend.
Downloaded the Dupe Remover & it works really well. Just what I was looking for!

Very kind of you - Thank you very much.
It is asking me to pay 19.95 plus it won't work. I cannot find any free programs for this task at all. Maybe this one used to be free but no longer is
LOL here I am still trying to solve the same problem 2.5 years later and now the "free" software is C$24.95. Has anyone ever found a real "free" program? I have looked for years.