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Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Just connected one of these to my hifi system and it works fine from iphone and Android tablet.
However, I cannot get it to work from my Vista 64 PC. It sees and adds the bluetooth device but it does not appear under my Playback Devices. Vista is trying interminably to find a driver but I don't believe the Esinkin itself needs any additional drivers, from the info I have found.
A few searches suggests that this is a common problem, going back a few years, with Vista rather than the bluetooth device itself. It appears that something called the A2DP Profile is required, I've tried various suggested fixes that have either been dead ends or just did not work.
Is there anyway of getting this going with Vista, or am I wasting my time trying?
Do I need a later usb Bluetooth adapter at the PC end perhaps?
Any advice welcome.
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Tried new bluetooth adapter but still no joy.
Vista, in spite of shortcomings experienced by others, has been a good operating system for for me until recent Windows updates which seem to have added incurable problems.
Continuous running of windows updates, webcam microphone stopped working on Skype. Unable to reinstall legitimate copy of Microsoft office which corrupted.
All following an update around July.
Just coincidence?
I've spent a lot of time following up fixes that didn't work on any of the above, so I've now given up and installed Windows 10 on a new hard drive.
Bluetooth works from the PC now so that's one less problem.
Bristol UK