Solved New router. Vista is now broken... I feel I'm going crazy.


I've been four days trying to solve this... heck even explaining the problem is difficult. Lets give it a go with a timeline.

1/ Two years ago I did a clean install of Vista. This was just Vista and Windows Updates. Nothing else added, never been online at this point. Acronis images were made as the updates progressed.

2/ Vista brought into service, programs and user files added. Month end backups saved.

Vista used pretty much daily from then until now. Never a problem, not even a single failed update. The perfect dream install.

3/ On Monday this week I had to fit a new wireless router as the old one was failing and this was provided by my ISP under contract. My W8.1 and Android do-dah are fine, while Vista hits the end stops with 100% CPU and 100% RAM usage as soon as I connect to the new router.

Long story cut short.

Windows update running under svchost.exe entry in task manager could be the culprit for 100% CPU/RAM use. If I stop the process (that's just Windows Update process from all the ones under this entry) all is normal again.

Now the bit that's driving me crazy.
Even reverting back to the first images I made of Vista give this issue as soon as I connect to the router. It does the same connecting to a friends router. Without dreaming up conspiracy theories of the OS having been tagged in some way I'm at an absolute loss what to try or where the problem is.

Remember, Vista up to instant the new router was installed was perfect. From then on, its broken, and so to are all the previous disk images going back in time to day one. It just defies logic.

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