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Solved No gmail after latest updates

Having just installed a fistful of updates from M/S I find I can not log onto my gmail account with Opera, a google pop up says they have detected a problem with cookies, I have tried to let www.google.com have access but it does not work, now when I use my old IE which I keep installed (for moments like this) there is no problem and I get to my email acc. I am running Vista home

Hi mich, a quick Google search suggests that Opera and gmail don't get along very well and that didn't start today. (Don't switch to Chrome because it will end support for Vista in April.) Have you tried this:

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies, open All Cookies and Sites Data then Remove all, restart Opera.
Thanks Vistaar, have it sorted deleted cookies, I see that there have been many crashes etc after latest vista updates. I intend to keep well away from Chrome if I have the choice.


Vista Guru
Hi mich, Opera 36 is still a better choice than Chrome 49 considering the promised security updates. But to the extent that Vista has a future, it would appear to lie with Firefox or variants such as Pale Moon.