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Original Xbox controller s issues.

Hi I am trying to get my neon green Original Xbox Controller S to work on my fresh install of Windows Vista SP 2 and regardless of what I try it refuses to respond when I check the drivers and set up configuration. Is there anyone out there that can help me out?
While I was asking for help on the VBA-M forum that is hosting 3rd party (formerly) reliable drivers to get this done I was refered to a very similar set of instructions. The only problem is that I am working with an original Xbox controller not one for the Xbox 360. I have been trying to get this to work for almost a month and a half. Anyone out there that knows how to get this thing working on Windows Vista SP 2 that can tell me how to get it done will be my bestest friend.
Well I have to say that is a cooler way to do it than what I did. But my way was simpler I think but then again it also dindn't require a soldering iron. I also have the drivers required however the issue isnt really installing them. The issue comes when even with the drivers installed it isnt recognizing the controller. Another issue that I am encountering is that my computer is not recognizing the controller any more. And the iritating thing is that this all started when I got a fresh install of vista starting with SP 2. It fixed a lot of other issues but caused one that is really really piddling me off at the moment :sa:.

So here is where I am with this right now. VBA-M forums that are hosting the XBCD drivers (or at least the original as far as I know). I have followed every suggestion or set of instructions i could find there to get the driver "signed" and isntalled unverifyed under test mode with dseo13b.exe from files.ngohq.com. Even doing it that way it still refused to detect the controller in the XBCD drivers and setup untility. I can use a usb viewer to see it is found by windows (with a bit of help from some people who know what is looks like). Even with that info I was unable get anything to read the beast. So maybe you are cought up with where I am. I need a set of drivers for it that will work with Windows Vista 64 bit SP 2 and above. That or a way to get the 32 bit drivers I have to work.
I tryed this and the command prompt in it does nothing, unless im just doing it wrong but I tryed it a couple times. I saw in another forum that they (they being Microsoft) disabled that function. I don't know the accuracy of that but it is what I have seen.

All pesimisum aside though I tried this a couple times and the setup utility still doesn't see the controller.


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Did you run the command as an administrator?

Installation Instructions:
You first need to open a Command Prompt window in Administrator mode.
1) Click Start, All Programs, Accessories.
2) [B]Right click on the Command Prompt program and choose "Run as administrator".[/B]

Next, you need to alter the Boot Configuration Data store to disable signed
driver checks.
1) Type the following into the command prompt EXACTLY (yes, that is two D's)
 bcdedit -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

Reboot your computer.  You can now follow the standard procedure to install
the XBCD360 drivers.
1) Put xbcd.sys into:
2) Put xbcd.inf into:
3) Start the Device Manager, right click the XBox360 controller, and choose
 Update Software Driver
4) Browse for the driver manually, then say that you want to choose from a list.
5) Pick the XBCD360 driver.  It should be at the very bottom of the list.
Complete this task & re-boot. Now, do you have anything listed in the device manager for the Xbox controller?


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If you have completed the command above as an "Administrator" then this could be down to the Windows Driver verification process in SP2 onwards.

Please allow me some time to investigate a way forward. OK?
Done and done and still no effect. I hade the software signe the driver and installed them under test mode but still nothing happened. It refuses to detect. but every time the setup utility refuses to see the controller.


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We appear to be getting nowhere here!

I have seen the posts regarding the changes for Vista SP2 installations & the issues people are having regarding the installation of the "Original controller".

Have you tried the 360 version of the controller at all?
I would love to... That being said I dont have a Xbox 360 much less a spare controller for it. So no I have not tryed it. I have however tried the drivers for the 360 controller. Again to no gaine.


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To help us move on & identify, if the current controller is at fault, can you "Borrow" a 360 controller.

Otherwise, I am not sure what else can be done here!
I would hardly say that the current controller is at fault in this situation as it worked just fine before I got an install disk of vista SP 2. Thats when the perverbial poop hit the fan... So blame Microsoft... lol...