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Creating a "How To" guide for a process can be a challenge if you wish to use Paint for your screen shots.
Paint provides the tools to mark significant elements of the screen shot. The challenge is getting the marked paint image the correct size for a Word 2007 document.
The attached word file shows a screen shot of a scheduled task to defrag a disk. I want to mark the steps needed to show the results of the Defrag job.
The screen was created with Programs > Accessories > System Tool > Task Scheduler
In the Task Scheduler Summary find the defrag job;
In the left pane, Expand Task Scheduler Library ,expand Microsoft, expand Windows.
In the top pane, Select ScheduledDefrag
In the middle pane select the History tab

This shows me that the task ran successfully.
Use Alt print Screen keys to capture the screen image to the clip board
Open Paint
Click Edit > Paste
Choose the red color, the oval and the third line density to mark the significant elements in the screen shot
File Save the marked screen shot for later use in Word 2007.

The attached word file describes the steps to insert and size the image.
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I used to do that and then I found another way. Go under accessories and then look for Snipping Tool. It will allow you to take a screenshot of your screen, a window, or a portion of your screen. You can then save it to a file. No need to work with paint. If you don't see it install the tablet PC optional components. Also there are other tools that will do the same thing. How-To Install or Enable the Windows Vista Snipping Tool


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