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My highest score is 1375 but no idea how I achieved it. I thought it was to do with the number of moves. My lowest number of moves has been 116 but that had a lower score.


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What is the highest score one can achieve playing Spider Solitaire? My highest score is 1188.
There is something definitely buggy in the scoring. I mean YOU KNOW when you have a good game and check your moves - I do even on bad games with a lot of moves. I just finished a game with 120 moves...I know it's my best since reset the scoreboard a week ago. yet, in the stats, it says that yesterday I had the high score with nearly 200 points more. NO WAY! Yesterday I played 6 games and none better than 126 moves. This is not new. I often see a ridiculous high score that translates to about 108 moves - something I would surely have noticed doing. So I reset, play a few weeks until another ridiculous high score shows up. My best game EVER was 108 moves ( 2 suits is all I play) yet was NOT the new high score. My current high score, allegedly from yesterday is 1249 but it has to be wrong, again.

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