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USB Strange behavior

Hello fellow Vista users.

I have a question regarding usb. Yesterday I inserted my usb flash stick in my computer to connect with my wireless router.

I had internet for a whole day when all of a sudden my connection was gone. At first I thought it could of been that the usb stick is broken, so I went out and got a new one. Plugged that one in and the same thing happens.

Every time I plug it into my pc I hear the sound that Vista makes when a device is not recognized. I installed all the drivers and everything was working fine 2 days ago.

I'm now using my old usb connector and it's working great. I tried all the usb connectors but all of them make the sound when a device is not recognized.

I really hope someone can solve this for me, I'd like to use my new hardware at it's fullest.:D

P.S. I'm running on Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with SP1 applied with the latest patches and updates.
I, too, have a strange usb problem.
I have been using a WD 1TB external HD for a few months for backups. It connects via a usb slot. I have 8 individual usb slots on my computer for things like the mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. All those still work. However, the ex-HD does not as of last week. I keep getting "that sound" that Vista doesn't recognize installed hardware. huh? It's been recognizing it for months.
I have tried changing the peripherals around to no avail. USB drives still work and are recognized as soon as I plug them in. I have even downloaded and installed the drivers from the WD site. Nothing. I've shut down and rebooted and plugged in the ex-HD so many times and variations that I don't remember what day it is.
I'm open for suggestions!:confused:
thanks, brayden, but, same as before...
I've been doing a lot of google-ing and it seems this is a problem on a lot of machines...
Apparently, MS knows about it, too...